Ashley Farrel and Dr. Carrie Sampson

Politicizing Education

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Never in human history has primary and secondary education been so politicized, polarized, and problematic. Join us as we learn what politicizing education is, dive into what happens inside and outside the classroom, and ways to support students and teachers.

Two Valley educators discuss the complex shapes that make up the landscape of education in Arizona. Dr. Carrie Sampson, an Associate Professor at Arizona State University and community organizer, speaks on the political atmosphere in Arizona and around the country. Ashley Farrell, a third-grade teacher with a Master’s thesis focused on the appropriate sexual health and consent education in K-12 schools, shares her insight on what goes on inside the classroom and what needs to be done to better support students and teachers.

We begin by defining what it means to politicize education, to erase or predict policies based on race, gender, and sexuality. It is an issue that differs by state, district, and individual schools.

Currently, Arizona has one of the lowest national education rankings, fluctuating between 47th and 49th, with the lowest graduation rates and lowest teacher salary among the states.

However, Dr. Sampson and Farrell explore the importance of research-driven policies and practices and share their hope people will engage in the issue of politicizing education and restructuring the education system. From Critical Race Theory (CRT) to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the complex interplay between parental demands for choice and the narrowing of options, and the critical imperative to restructure our educational system, our guests cover these topics and what needs to be done to see positive change.

Join us as we navigate these compelling subjects and dive into a world of insightful discussion.

Kyle McKinney, a recent graduate of the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s program at ASU, provides the episode’s “Learning Moment” to reflect on the ideas presented in the episode.

Dr. Carrie Sampson
Ashley Farrell

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