Monique Martinez speaks on serving for the Arizona Army National Guard

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Monique Martinez knew from an early age that she wanted to live a life of service. While still in college, Martinez heard about the Arizona Army National Guard and the professional opportunities it offered. She was intrigued and, soon after meeting with a recruiter, found herself shipping-off to basic training, anticipating a six-year stint in the Guard. Fifteen years later, Staff Sergeant Monique Martinez has built a diverse and rewarding career that has included assignments with the military police, transportation and engineering units, and deployment to Iraq.

“Now I recruit for the Arizona Army National Guard. So it’s been an experience, it’s been a whirlwind, but I loved every step of it,” Martinez said.

Martinez finds the Guard’s state mission especially satisfying. During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, she and other Guard members were activated to assist Arizonans in need, delivering food and supplies to those living in remote areas. She also took part in Guard efforts to provide aid during natural disasters, such as forest fires and floods.

“We were the ones that got called – ‘can you help us?,'” Martinez said. “And when people are calling you, asking for your help, and you can step into those roles and get them out of it… it’s amazing.”

But it is her role as a recruiter for the Guard that Martinez finds most impactful.

“I’m in a position to motivate, inspire and help guide young adults here in Arizona specifically, to get them to where they’re trying to go in life”.

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