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Arizona PBS, Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation participating in Somerton El Dia de Los Ninos/ Día de los Libros Celebration April 27

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Health, wellness and literacy event for the full family

Arizona PBS and the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation will visit the Somerton Community to participate in the 2024 El Dia de los Ninos / Día de los Libros Celebration on Saturday, April 27, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Full event details can be found at azpbs.org/smile.

The free event will take place at the Yuma County Somerton Library, 240 W. Canal St., Somerton, Arizona, 85350. There will be crafts and children’s book giveaways. Each attendee will also receive a “Healthy Smiles” kit with dental care items and resources to enjoy at home.

“The El Dia de Los Ninos event in Somerton is the perfect opportunity to provide oral health education and supplies to help children and their parents understand the connection between good oral health and overall health,” said Barb Kozuh, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation. “We truly believe this partnership provides the education necessary to help lower the caries rate which can also decrease school absenteeism and increase overall wellness.”

“Community service is an essential part of Arizona PBS’ mission,” said Arizona PBS Senior Director of Educational Outreach Kimberly Flack. “We’re excited to continue partnering with the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation to visit communities across the state, helping educate children and families on the importance of dental care.”

Arizona PBS and the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation’s involvement in the event is part of a statewide “Have a Healthy Smile” campaign. The campaign aims to boost family involvement in good oral health practices, focusing on the importance of brushing twice a day, changing toothbrushes regularly and visiting the dentist twice a year. For more information, watch three “Tips for Healthy Teeth” videos on our website.

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