The American Flag with text that reads: The American Revolution

With the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on Dec. 16, 2023, along with other historical milestones coming up in the near future, we’ve compiled a list of programming to celebrate this iconic event.

Indulge in a fascinating exploration of history and science as we highlight the Boston Tea Party and other iconic events and people that led to the American Revolution.


‘Benjamin Franklin,’ a film by Ken Burns

Ken Burns’ two-part, four-hour documentary “Benjamin Franklin” explores the revolutionary life of one of the 18th century’s most consequential and compelling personalities, whose work and words unlocked the mystery of electricity and helped create the United States.

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We know about George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. But most Americans have never heard about Georgia mother Nancy Hart. During the American Revolution, Hart captured five British soldiers after getting them drunk off her homemade corn whiskey. And she’s not alone.

Student journalists at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU who are part of the New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab are working on an interactive project telling the stories of ordinary people who stepped up during the Revolution.

Led by Retha Hill, Director of the Lab and also Professor of Practice at the Cronkite School, students discovered most of the names of these ordinary patriots are unknown except by their descendants and genealogists, who gladly shared these incredible stories with the students.

Like Elizabeth Freeman who sued for her freedom from a violent mistress; she not only won in a Massachusetts court but forced the state to reconsider slavery altogether.

These ordinary people were heroes of the American Revolution, now brought to life by the students. With the help of immersive technology and skillful journalism storytellers, ancestors in the third tier of interactivity will be represented as full 3D avatars that are capable of real time conversation.

Watch for information here as the project develops.

In the meantime, watch a video about the making of this unique student project.

Stand on the dock and take part in the Boston Tea Party

On Dec. 16, 1773, American colonists, disgruntled with the tax on products from England including tea, boarded a merchant vessel in the Boston Harbor and dumped crates of tea overboard. King George III was not happy, and ordered his troops in Massachusetts to seal off the city.

The Boston Tea Party is considered the opening volley that eventually led to the American Revolution.

Take part in a re-creation by students from the New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, part of their immersive look at the Revolution and the regular people who fought for freedom.

Stand on the dock in Boston Harbor in this interactive 3D rendering.

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