Ted Simons named Best TV Host by Phoenix New Times

Ted Simons, managing editor and host of “Arizona Horizon,” was named Best TV Host of 2017 by Phoenix New Times.

The magazine recognized Simons because, they say, he “digs deep with his interview subjects, displaying a calm demeanor even while fostering healthy debate. Phoenix New Times also awrded Simons Best TV Host of 2014, largely for being, “so knowledgeable about the issues at hand that you’re actually bound to learn something watching this show.”

This award comes shortly after Simons was inducted into the Silver Circle Society at this year’s Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards. The award is given to media veterans in the southwest who have shown exemplary service throughout their career.

In addition to his role with Arizona PBS, Simons serves the community as a guest speaker for nonprofit organizations and civic groups, and writes music and arts critiques for the Phoenix New Times. He also mentors the students on “Arizona Horizon,” many of which have gone on to lead successful journalism careers.

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