Notable Visitor: Dolores Huerta

In the 1950s, there were few laws in place to protect farm workers — and even fewer for immigrants. Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta saw this and has spent her life fighting for labor rights and racial justice. She co-founded the farm workers’ union with Cesar Chavez, worked to encourage and support women running for office and much more.

Huerta visited Phoenix in October to discuss the new documentary “Dolores,” which chronicles her story and aims to bring Huerta to light as one of the most important historical figures that history forgot. The film will air in 2018 on “Independent Lens.”

While she was in town, Huerta sat down with José Cárdenas of “Horizonte” to discuss the film and her remarkable career.

“‘We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens,’” Huerta said, quoting Robert F. Kennedy’s final public address, at which she was present. “That to me is what the movie is all about.”

Now 87, Huerta has been railed by critics, betrayed by friends and nearly beaten to death by law enforcement. But that hasn’t slowed her down one bit: she continues her work through the Dolores Huerta Foundation. “I believe that we need to continue organizing people at the grassroots level, teaching them that they have power,” Huerta said. “And the only way that you can do that is by having organizers go into communities.”

To see Huerta’s appearance on “Horizonte,” visit

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