‘Nature’ explores the wilds on Wednesday nights

Whether by land, air or water, experience compelling stories of the natural world from all over the globe as “Nature” returns to Arizona PBS Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.

For years, this series has delivered the best in original natural history films to audiences nationwide. “Nature” has won more than 700 honors from the television industry, parent groups, the international wildlife film community and environmental organizations, including 16 Emmys, three Peabodys and the first award given to a television program by the Sierra Club.

Oct. 2: “Octopus: Making Contact”

Follow an Alaskan professor as he raises and studies a pet octopus in his home, making remarkable discoveries about its extraordinary intelligence, personality and skills. Octopuses are able to recognize faces and interact with other individuals. Watch online.

Oct. 9: “The Serengeti Rules”

Explore some of the most remote and spectacular places on Earth with a pioneering group of scientists who make surprising discoveries that transform human understanding of nature and ecology. Based on a book of the same name. (Also Sat. 10/12 at 6 p.m.) Watch online.

Oct. 16: “Undercover in the Jungle”

Go undercover with a film crew on a perilous journey to the untouched wilderness of biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest. Meet some of the most incredible creatures, from pygmy marmosets to pumas, as the wild secrets of the jungle are revealed.  (Also Thu. 10/17 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 10/19 at 6 p.m.)

Oct. 23: “Okavango: River of Dreams: Paradise”

See the landscape and wildlife of the Upper Okavango River. A lioness severely injured by a buffalo is left for dead by her pride. Now handicapped, she has to survive in the swamp alone, hunting to feed her little cubs.  (Also Thu. 10/24 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 10/26 at 6 p.m.)

Oct. 30: “Okavango: River of Dreams: Limbo”

See the landscape and wildlife of the “Middle River,” the delta of the Okavango River. A hyena and a warthog family share neighboring dens, helping each other by keeping an eye on threatening predators, such as lions and leopards.  (Also Thu. 10/31 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 11/2 at 6 p.m.)

Nov. 6: “Okavango: River of Dreams: Inferno”

Discover the landscape and wildlife of the Lower Okavango River, where the land is baked dry by the scorching sun. Large herds of zebra and wildebeest migrate to the dry plains in search of the precious salt that these animals need. (Also Thu. 11/7 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 11/9 at 6 p.m.)

Nov. 13: “Nature’s Biggest Beasts”

Discover the ingenious strategies that nature’s biggest beasts employ to conquer their environments, from the Komodo dragon with a deadly bite to the tallest giraffe to the bird-eating armored ground cricket. These are their epic survival stories. (Also Thu. 11/14 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 11/16 at 6 p.m.)

Nov. 20: “Bears”

Follow the adventures of bears across the globe, from grizzlies to pandas to sloth bears, as they draw on their brains, brawn and unique adaptations to survive. Find out what it really takes to be a bear in today’s ever-changing world. (Also Thu. 11/21 at 1 a.m.; Sat. 11/23 at 6 p.m.)

Nov. 27: “Hotel Armadillo”

Welcome to the “Hotel Armadillo,” where the elusive giant armadillo digs a daily hole deep in the Brazilian rainforest and leaves behind a suite for 25 species of jungle clientele. Join biologist Arnaud Desbiez as he “checks in” the exotic guests. (Also Thu. 11/28 at 1 a.m.)

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