Season 8 of ‘Death in Paradise’ brings more quirky island mysteries

Saint Marie’s favorite displaced detective is back for an eighth season of criminal mysteries and other craziness as detective inspector Jack Mooney is back for more “Death in Paradise” Saturday nights at 8 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

Mooney (Ardol O’Hanlon) is a British inspector transferred to Saint Marie’s police department, but he hates the sun, sea and sand. The series follow his investigations into murders on this Caribbean island while he stumbles through attempts to assimilate in completely new surroundings.

Luckily, he has his team to support him as he faces some fiendishly taxing cases. Jack’s laconic style belies a sharp mind and relentless determination. He’s a brilliant detective who’ll need all his instinctive genius to solve these mysterious murders.

April 20
A passenger is stabbed to death on the express bus to Honore. Jack and his team are baffled by the case though as no-one left their seat on the bus – so how on earth did they commit the murder?

April 27
There is a new team member when the replacement for Dwayne arrives and the current case of Jack and his team involves a zookeeper who dies after being struck by a tranquilizer dart.

May 4
During the production of a TV holiday program on the island, the presenter is murdered and Jack and his team have to find the killer.

May 11
Jack and the team are investigating the murder of a wealthy businessman in the coffee trade. Their investigation is hampered by disagreements among the family of the dead man.

May 18 (part one)
A shadow is cast over a small fishing village when their festival queen is murdered in baffling circumstances.

May 25 (part two)
Jack and his team face the toughest challenge of their lives when tragedy strikes close to home.

June 15

Saint Marie mourns when radio legend Dezzie Dixon is murdered live on air, and Jack must unravel a complex mystery in order to find the culprit.

June 22

In the season finale, a horse-trekking expedition comes to an abrupt end when Jack finds the dead body of a rider in the police station.

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