‘Going to War’ is an emotional insider journey of veterans who serve during conflict

View the effects of war and its aftermath from those who fought for our country in “Going to War,” Monday, May 27, at 9 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

This hourlong documentary offers candid, raw accounts of military life before, during and after combat through war correspondent and author Sebastian Junger, Vietnam War veteran and author Karl Marlantes, and several veterans from various American wars who bring first-hand accounts and an abiding commitment to telling a warrior’s story with sensitivity and candor.

WATCH: “Going to War”

The film captures the gritty mental and physical transformation of troops in training and follows them into the transformative experience of combat. By delving into the psychologically complex world of warfare and its aftermath, the film reveals challenges service members face when they return home and rejoin civilian society, revisit their life goals and aspirations, and attempt to redefine themselves.

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