June 2 | Grades 4–8

Tuesday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. Nova: Prediction by the Numbers (Math)

Basic Probability: Probability Explained – Video
Basic Probability: Determining Probability – Video
Introduction to Probability | Against All Odds: Unit 18 – Video
Using Probability in Search-and-Rescue Operations | Prediction by the Numbers – Video and Support Materials
P-Value as a Benchmark in Experimental Research | Prediction by the Numbers – Video and Support Materials

A boat moves quickly on the ocean
Watch to learn how search-and-rescue teams rely on math to save lives. | Still from “Using Probability in Search-and-Rescue Operations | Prediction by the Numbers” / PBS LearningMedia

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Bird Dropping A Bomb/Patches/Tattered Red Fabric (Social Studies)

Think Like a Historian / History Detectives – Lesson Plan
Abraham Lincoln: Man Versus Legend / History Detectives – Lesson Plan
Myth of the West: The Battle of the Washita / History Detectives – Webpage
Atomic Bomb – Media Gallery and Support Materials

8:30 a.m. Get the Math Apt Exchange (Math)

Math in Fashion – Interactive Lesson
Graffiti Art: Scaling – Video

9:00 a.m. Get the Math 2.0 Apt Exchange (Math)

Math in Basketball – Video
Real-Life Math: Baseball – Video and Support Materials

A young girl throws a basketball into the hoop.
Did you know math can help basketball players perfect free throws? | Still from “Math in Basketball” / THIRTEEN.org

9:30 a.m. Navajo Math Circles (Math)

The US Government’s Education of Native American Children – Video
POV / Up Heartbreak Hill: Factors in a Successful College Experience – Lesson Plan

10:30 a.m. Nova: Prediction by the Numbers (Math)

Wisdom of the Crowds: Expert Q&A – Article
Understanding a Crowd’s Predictive Ability | Prediction by the Numbers – Video and Support Materials
Probability and the Law of Large Numbers – Lesson Plan
To Beat Vegas Bookies at the World Cup, These Statisticians Turned to Artificial Intelligence – Article
Statistical Questions: Reasonable Samples – Video 
The Human Face of Big Data / Google Predicts the Flu – Video

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