Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night: ‘Clifford’ and ‘Daniel Tiger’ mini-marathon

Watch two of your favorite shows on this week’s PBS Kids Family Night on Aug. 21, 22 and 23, 2020. Tune in for “Clifford the Big Red Dog” at 6 p.m., then stay for a “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” mini-marathon at 7 p.m.!

To continue the fun try these activities:

Watch all your PBS KIDS favorites on the free PBS KIDS Video app, online at or on air on Arizona PBS KIDS (channel 8.4 with antenna, Cox Cable channel 81, CenturyLink Prism channel 22 and Suddenlink channel 14).

More “Daniel Tiger” fun for Family Night – or any night!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Sing-Along Special
When Daniel learns he can’t gather with all of his neighbors at the Neighborhood Carnival this year, it leads to lots of big feelings and questions. This sing-a-long special is all about staying home with family and taking care of each other.

Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night app
Daniel Tiger makes learning about morning and bedtime routines fun and imaginative! Download “Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night” app for games, songs and other activities that will help your child get ready for school in the morning and for bed at night.

How Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Songs Help My Parenting During COVID-19
“We take care of each other.” Looking for ways to help your little ones cope with our “new normal?” Check out these five helpful phrases and songs from the new sing-along special.

DIY Fun Time Spinners
Sometimes you need your child to play quietly while you work or take a break. Creating a “fun time spinner” will ensure your child always has a fun, solo activity they can do to pass the time.

You’ll Feel Better Again Jar
What does your child do when they are feeling down? Work together to create a “feel better” jar filled with their favorite activities and easy, safe ways to connect with loved ones.

Daniel Tiger Dance Party game
Dance along with Daniel Tiger and his friends in the new Dance Party game! Follow their dance moves, or listen to the music and dance in your own way.

Who’s Super Brave and Strong?
Is your child anxious about heading back to school? Super-Daniel to the rescue! Daniel Tiger helps kids imagine how brave they can be and to think of happy thoughts when they are scared. (Grades: PreK-1)

New Experiences | Daniel Tiger: Life’s Little Lessons
Daniel goes to the doctor for his regular checkup. Before his visit, he’s feeling a little uneasy. Daniel and Mom Tiger talk, draw and play about some of the things that might happen at Dr. Anna’s office. (Grades: PreK-1)

Starting School with Daniel Tiger & Mister Rogers
How are you helping your child adjust to this back-to-school season? Daniel Tiger shares ways to make the transition into a new school year fun and easy. (Grades: PreK-2)

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