Alasdair Nichol appraises a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil painting, ca. 1925, in Orlando.

Antiques Roadshow Recut “Treasure Fever”

Airs Monday, Aug. 9, at 8 p.m.

America’s favorite treasure hunt presents a new bite-sized way to enjoy the show, with half-hour episodes packed full of favorite finds and paced for maximum entertainment. This week at 8 p.m., explore surprising finds related to health and medicine across the generations, including a  Lakota Sioux doctor’s bag, a “Female Physician” trade sign from around 1835 and a salesman’s sample operating chair. Then at 8:30 p.m., it’s just what the doctor ordered: a half-hour of treasures including a WWI snakebite kit, a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil painting and an Apache medicine pouch from around 1880.

A ferris wheel at a state fair in the evening

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A green monster with a goofy grin holds a large toothbrush. Text: Video Contest: How does your favorite monster brush its teeth?
Oct. 8

Digital Video Contest 2023

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Athletic Coaching Essentials (ACE) Beginner Series

Trail Mix'd features Sabino Canyon in Tucson
aired Sept. 13

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