Human Footprint “Man’s Best Friend”

Wednesday, July 19 at 8 p.m.

This new six-part documentary series, hosted by biologist and Princeton University professor Shane Campbell Staton, embarks on a journey to understand all the ways humans have impacted the planet. Part science series and part travel show, “Human Footprint” takes viewers from farms to restaurants, from a high-tech lab to a sweltering street market, from pristine rainforests to the sewers of New York City. The series is not a “doom and gloom” tale of human villainy. Instead, it is an honest reckoning with our vast footprint and our species’ singular history of transforming the planet.  

“Man’s Best Friend

Shane discovers why dogs, the most diverse land mammal on earth, are more than “man’s best friend” – they have been reshaped by evolution into humans’ perfect partners. And just as we’ve transformed them, dogs have left an unmistakable pawprint on us – and the world we share.

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