Megan Hilty sings on stage on broadway's brightest lights

Broadway’s Brightest Lights

August 13 at 6:30

“Broadway’s Brightest Lights” shines the spotlight on some of today’s best and brightest talents. Curated and conducted by Luke Frazier, the concert features Tony Award-winning Broadway star Megan Hilty alongside Michael MaliakelNikki Renée Daniels, and Tommy Sutter with The American Pops Orchestra.

Highlighting some of the greatest show tunes, from Golden Age classics to modern musicals, each song features brand-new arrangements and timeless renditions to be enjoyed by Broadway fans of all ages.

Performances in “Broadway’s Brightest Lights”include “Popular” (Megan Hilty), “The Trolley Song” (Tommy Sutter), “Being Alive” (Michael Maliakel), “I Dreamed A Dream” (Nikki Renée Daniels), “Suddenly Seymour” (Michael Maliakel and Megan Hilty) and many more.

Choose the “Broadway’s Brightest Lights” program and enjoy a comprehensive package that includes a Playbill Stephen Sondheim Glassware Collection

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