Farewell Doc Martin

Sat. Nov. 25 at 6 p.m.

The 10 seasons of British dramedy “Doc Martin” follow the unsociable and aloof Doctor Martin Bamford as he moves to the small town of Portwenn.

After developing a phobia that made him leave his successful career and the busy city of London, Doc Martin joins Portwenn as their newest general practitioner.

Doc Martin starts off on the wrong foot with the town. What he thinks is professional and playing by the book gets him the reputation of being hot-tempered and lacking a good bedside manner amongst the townsfolk. But soon enough, Doc Martin wins over the town by tending to the many medical emergencies throughout the seaside village and, to his dismay, gets the nickname of ‘Doc Martin.’

Early in to his stay at Portwenn, Doc Martin catches the eye of primary school teacher Louisa Glasson. With his reserved demeanor and uncouth social skills, they have a rocky start. Nevertheless, their budding relationship has many ups and down, but will the two ever hear wedding bells?

In later seasons, we see Doc Martin battle the many strange medical cases that hit the Cornish town of Portwenn. He also faces the challenge of deciding to stay in the town he grew to love or to go back to his
successful and booming life in London.

Narrated by Caroline Catz, the “Farewell Doc Martin” stand-alone special goes behind-the-scenes of the beloved British dramedy. From the show’s inception to its final days of filming, learn details about Doc and Louisa’s love story, the inspirations for the medical cases, and the real-life filming locations through on-set footage and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew.

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