Mary Berry’s Highland Christmas

Mon. Dec. 18 at 8 p.m.

Dame Mary Berry travels to her mother’s homeland, Scotland, where she’s joined by friends Andy Murray, Iain Stirling, and Emeli Sandé to cook indulgent Christmas dishes that can be enjoyed anytime over the holidays.

“I’ve always been incredibly proud of my Scottish heritage, so where better to get cozy and cook for the holidays than in the Scottish Highlands,” says Dame Mary.

In this special, Mary prepares some favorite holiday dishes inspired by her family’s roots in Scotland. On the menu is a spectacular Christmas Cranachan Pavlova Wreath, combining the traditional Scottish dessert made from oats, fruit and cream with a pavlova twist. During a visit to tennis legend Andy Murray’s hotel in Dunblane, Mary, Andy, and his grandmother cook up the classic breakfast dish Kedgeree. 

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