Musicians from Great Performances and Next at the Kennedy Center

Enjoy a night with talented musicians!

Friday, April 12 at 8 and 9 p.m.

Spend a night immersed in the sounds of extraordinary performances from “Great Performances” and “Next at the Kennedy Center.”

8 p.m. – Great Performances presents “Now Hear This: Rising Stars”

Visit Juilliard Pre-College with Scott Yoo to play with some of tomorrow’s virtuosos and travel to Singapore to meet rising star, Chloe Chua, who reminds Yoo of the dedication and passion required to prepare for a professional career.

9 p.m. – Next at the Kennedy Center presents “Ben Folds Presents Declassified”

Ben Folds invites the virtuosic Jacob Collier, rising jazz superstar Laufey, and chart-topping English singer-songwriter Dodie, to join him and the National Symphony Orchestra to reimagine their music through an orchestral lens.

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