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Scholar success stories celebrated at The Tree House Preschool in Yuma

The Tree House Preschool in Yuma recently celebrated a remarkable achievement among its staff, honoring four individuals who completed the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential through the Child Care and Education Institute (CCEI) as scholarship recipients.

The staff members, Savannah Sears, TJ Williams, Nessa Pyle and Fabiana Pina, were presented with a $1,000.00 milestone bonus for their dedication and accomplishment. Marcia Worley, Director of The Tree House Preschool, expressed her pride in their commitment to professional development.

One of the recipients, Fabiana Pina, believes her personal journey at The Tree House Preschool exemplifies the transformative power of educational opportunities like the Early Childhood Educator Scholarship Program.

Along with her colleagues, Pina embarked on the challenging path to earn her CDA credential despite personal challenges, including the discovery she was pregnant and the loss of a family member.

Initially unsure about continuing due to her circumstances, Pina seized the chance to advance both professionally and personally. Setting herself a five-month goal, she not only met but exceeded her own expectations by completing the program in an impressive three months. Pina’s dedication and rapid progress underscored her commitment to her own growth and development.

Buoyed by the milestone bonus and her accomplishment, Pina now sets her sights on further achievements, aspiring to obtain additional CDAs and even aiming for an Associate Degree with the help of scholarships like those offered by First Things First College Scholarships.

The Tree House Preschool’s initiative, and the support of programs like the Early Childhood Educator Scholarship Program, have not only enriched Pina’s professional journey but also empowered her to overcome personal adversity with grace and determination. Her story is a testament to the profound impact of investing in educators and the ripple effect such investments can have on communities and families alike.

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