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On this episode of Arizona Encore, musicians in Scottsdale and Tempe take us inside the emotionally complex musical world of Johannes Brahms.

As a child, pianist Garrick Ohlsson said he was only interested in really fast music. The kind of piano fireworks that might be suited for the Guinness Book of Records. However, with age and experience, he grew more and more fascinated by the music of Johannes Brahms. This was a composer who was entirely capable of writing fiery, fast music, but Ohlsson said he discovered there were actually whole galaxies of emotions between the notes of Brahms’ slower tempo piano works.

We’ll explore those rich Piano Intermezzos Op. 118 with Ohlsson in concert in Scottsdale, then we’ll join the ASU Herberger String Quartet to enjoy one of Brahms’ most famous compositions: his String Quartet Op. 51 No. 2.

Brahms - Six pieces, Op. 118 - Garrick Ohlsson, piano

I. Intermezzo in A Minor

II. Intermezzo in A Major

III. Ballade in G Minor

IV. Intermezzo in F Minor

V. Romanze in F Major

VI. Intermezzo in E-flat Minor

Brahms - String Quartet Op. 51, No. 2 in A Minor - ASU Herberger String Quartet

I. Allegro non troppo

II. Andante moderato

III. Quasi Minuetto, moderato

IV. Finale. Allegro non assai

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