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For most classical music audiences and enthusiasts, the name Carlos Gardel may be unfamiliar to them – but for tango lovers, he is most likely at the top of the list of composers who contributed to the artform. In fact, in Argentina, Gardel continues to be a household name. The French-Argentine Singer Songwriter and composer began his career by singing in spaces that were more for the public, rather than a concert hall: places like local bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. In 1917, his hit Mi Noche Triste was an instant hit, and it also redefined what the tango could be.

On this week’s Arizona Encore, we’ll hear a series of artsongs by Carlos Gardel performed by famed tenor Arturo Chacón-Cruz from the 2019 Tucson Desert Song Festival, on a program highlighting the music of Latin America. We’ll visit Argentina with composers like Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzola, and Carlos Guastavino; then Brazil, with Astor Piazzola’s famed Libertango; and a guitar duo by Cuban composer Leo Brouwer titled Sonata of the Travelers, which takes us on a worldwide journey of its own.

Guastavino - Indianas - True Concord; Elena Miraztchiyska, piano; Eric Holtan, conductor

I. Gala del Dia

II. Quien Fuera como el Jazmin

Piazzolla - Libertango - True Concord; Adam del Monte, guitar; Eric Holtan, conductor

Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 - Adam del Monte, guitar; Corinne Winters, voice

Mores - Uno - Arturo Chacón Cruz, tenor; Roberto Berrocal, piano

Gardel - Volver - Arturo Chacón Cruz, tenor; Roberto Berrocal, piano

Gardel - El día que me quieras - Arturo Chacón Cruz, tenor; Roberto Berrocal, piano

Gardel - Por una Cabeza - Arturo Chacón Cruz, tenor; Roberto Berrocal, piano

Brouwer - Sonata de los Viajeros - Brasil Guitar Duo; João Luiz, guitar; Douglas Lora, guitar

I. Primer Viaje a Tierras Heladas

II. El retablo de las Maravillas - La Venus de Praxiteles

III. Visita a Bach en Leipzig

IV. Por el Mar de las Antillas

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