Arizona Spelling Bee 2012

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Each year, the state’s best spellers in grades K-8 come together for the Arizona Spelling Bee to determine who will represent Arizona in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Hosted by Eight, Arizona PBS, the Arizona Spelling Bee is taped at the Eight studios on the downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University.

The winner and an escort receive an all-expense paid trip to our nation’s capital to compete with spellers from across the U.S. on May 30-31, 2012.

An Eight original production made possible by the Arizona Educational Foundation.

The Spelling Bee challenges children to utilize their spelling and phonetic skills in a competitive environment. The finalists must first win a series of competitions at local, district and regional or county levels. The 27 winners from the county spelling bees competed in the 2014 Arizona Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to all the contestants!


Sumaita Mulk
7th Grade
Herberger Young Scholars Academy
Ruo Han
8th Grade
Kyrene Aprende Middle
Dani Zylstra
5th Grade
Lookout Mountain Elementary School
Christopher Smith
6th Grade
Chandler Traditional Academy/Liberty
Gavin Vogt
5th Grade
Jacobson Elementary School


Reyna Esquivel
8th Grade
Laugharn Elementary School
Sarah Chatter
5th Grade
Cromer Elementary School
Michael Gintz
6th Grade
Glendale Preparatory Academy
Lily Whitler
8th Grade
Copper Trails Elementary School
Nicholai Bolus
7th Grade
Hopi Junior/Senior High School
(Keams Canyon)
Faith Mendoza
6th Grade
Havasu Preparatory Academy
(Lake Havasu City)
Maya Rhode
8th Grade
Legacy Traditional School
Tristan Aguglia
8th Grade
Miami Junior High School
Mariel Avelino
8th Grade
Sonoran Science Academy
Martin Hernandez
7th Grade
Sunland Elementary School
Katherine Leung
8th Grade
Tesseract School
Daxton Bryce
7th Grade
Granite Mountain Middle School
Valeria Arvizu
7th Grade
Coatimundi Middle School
(Rio Rico)
Alessia Garcia
8th Grade
San Luis Middle School
(San Luis)
Justin Nguyen
8th Grade
San Simon School
(San Simon)
Josh Colten
5th Grade
Sandpiper Elementary School
Andee Wallace
8th Grade
Round Valley Middle School
Emma Hargrove
5th Grade
Broadmor Elementary School
Elliott Groce
6th Grade
Laguna Elementary School
Christopher O’Connor
6th Grade
St. Cyril of Alexandria School
Jacquelin Harold
8th Grade
Wenden Elementary School
Hattie Houser
8th Grade
Bonita Elementary School
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