Arizona Spelling Bee 2014

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Each year, the state’s best spellers in grades K-8 come together for the Arizona Spelling Bee to determine who will represent Arizona in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Hosted by Eight, Arizona PBS, the Arizona Spelling Bee is taped at the Eight studios on the downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University.

The winner and an escort receive an all-expense paid trip to our nation’s capital to compete with spellers from across the U.S. on May 25-31, 2014.

An Eight original production made possible by the Arizona Educational Foundation.

The Spelling Bee challenges children to utilize their spelling and phonetic skills in a competitive environment. The finalists must first win a series of competitions at local, district and regional or county levels. The 27 winners from the county spelling bees competed in the 2014 Arizona Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to all the contestants!



Nila Dhinaker

7th Grade
Cooley Middle School

Christopher O’Connor
8th Grade
St. Cyril of Alexandria School

Sean Bolus

8th Grade
Hopi Jr/Sr High School
(Keams Canyon)

Isha Paode

7th Grade
Willis Jr. High School

Jacob Rimmer

6th Grade
Boulder Creek Elementary School


Johanna Jessop
8th Grade
Concho Elementary School

Ethan Johnson
6th Grade
Center for Academic Success
(Sierra Vista)

Orin Blankenship

8th Grade
Sinagua Middle School

Kendra Martinez

8th Grade
High Desert Middle School

Callie Konopnicki

6th Grade
Ruth Powell Elementary School

Michael McGrath

7th Grade
Duncan Elementary School

April Alamban
7th Grade
Wallace Jr. High School

Jarett Hansen

6th Grade
Franklin at Brimhall Elementary School

Jack Piorkowski

5th Grade
Kyrene de la Colina School

Rithika Arya

8th Grade
Desert Heights Preparatory Academy

Savannah Turley

6th Grade
Faith North Montessori School

Anjali Moore
8th Grade
Madison Meadows School

Jessica Zylstra

6th Grade
Lookout Mountain Elementary School


David Denogean
7th Grade
Desert Spirit Elementary School

Sariya Camp

7th Grade
Marley Park Elementary School

Tatiana Asadourian

4th Grade
Desert Oasis Elementary School

Lexi Montbriand

5th Grade
Jamaica Elementary School
(Lake Havasu City)

Caleb Smith

8th Grade
Esperero Canyon Middle School

Audrey Lim

8th Grade
St. Anthony’s School
(Casa Grande)

Jella Tatil

8th Grade
Lourdes Catholic School

Miranda Todd

8th Grade
Sacred Heart School

Robert “Jake” Monson

6th Grade
Ron Watson Middle School

*contestants arranged in alphabetical order by county

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