Arts and Entertainment

Gospel Live! Presented by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

This one-of-a-kind musical celebration honors the legacy of Gospel music in America with singers performing their favorite gospel classics.


His work ended legal segregation and led directly to the Civil and Voting Rights Acts and inspired freedom movements around the world.

Black in Arizona, Part 3

In the Emmy® award-winning program “Black in Arizona,” learn what it’s like to be Black in our community and the rich history.

The Broken Promise

Drawing from the forward-thinking ideas of scholars and policymakers, learn why genocides occur and about institutions that stand against it.

Finding Your Roots: Fathers and Sons

Gates uncovers stories his guests have long wanted to hear, introducing them to ancestors whose names they’ve never known.

The 88th Annual Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards recognizes literature that has made important contributions to our understanding of racism and human diversity.

Cost of Inheritance: An America Reframed Special

This America ReFramed special explores the complex issue of reparations in the U.S. using a thoughtful approach to history.

The American Buffalo: Blood Memory

For generations, America’s national mammal, the buffalo, sustained the lives of Native people, whose culture intertwined with the animal.

Finding Your Roots Marathon

Host Henry Louis Gates invites incredible guests and explores their ancestry to find what binds us all together. Season 10 coming Jan. 2.

Jewish Journey: America

Trace Jewish immigration to the U.S. through interviews and varied stories of migration through the last five centuries.