Digital Media Contest 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Arizona PBS KIDS Digital Media Contest sponsored by Delta Dental of Arizona! The theme for the contest was having healthy teeth, gums and a great smile.

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The 2022 Arizona PBS KIDS Digital Media Contest is open to all Arizona students, PreK through 12th Grade. The contest is designed to promote creativity and the advancement of digital media skills through hands-on active learning. The format may be any kind of digital media, including video, audio, image and more. Video and audio entries must be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. All entries must address the theme of dental health: healthy teeth, gums and a great smile. Within those boundaries, students are encouraged to stretch their skills and let their creativity run wild! Entries will be graded by age ranges: PreK to 2nd Grade, 3rd to 5th Grade, 6th to 8th Grade and 9th to 12th Grade. Students may submit individual entries or group entries. One winner will be selected within each age range for individual entries and one for group entries. Please have your entry submitted to us by Oct. 19, 2022, to make it in time for judging. We look forward to all your entries. Good luck!  

We’re making this one wide open. Broadly, your entry must:

  • Be some form of digital media (more on that below)
  • Focus on healthy, teeth, gums and a great smile
  • Be all your own original work
Your entry can tell a story that you make up. It can tell a true story about your own life. It can be nonfiction, like exploring the history of braces or why we have wisdom teeth or what it’s like to be a dentist. It can be art depicting teeth or smiles or maybe depicting how it feels to have clean teeth. That’s your content. So what about format? In short, it has to be digital: something you make using a computer, phone or tablet. You can film and edit a video. You could create a digital animation. You could create a podcast episode or a song. You could take photos and edit them into a collage. You could edit a photo to convey your message. You could create a digital drawing or cartoon. And if you have an idea and you aren’t sure if it would fit the rules, email us at [email protected].

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