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Ken Clark of Get Your Phx provides a preview of the 3rd Annual Phoestivus Open-Air Market taking place in Downtown Phoenix December 5th and 12th.

Ted Simons: The third annual Phoestivus holiday market takes place tomorrow, and again, one week from tomorrow in downtown Phoenix. The event is inspired by a classic episode of Seinfield and will include such Phoestivus traditions as feats of strength, the airing of grievances, and if the first time, an original holiday brew. Mostly, though, Phoestivus is about celebrating and supporting local vendors. Here to fill us in on the details is Ken Clark of "get your fix." One of the co-sponsors. Give us better definition.

Ken Clark: Well, Phoestivus is about supporting local businesses. We have -- I just -- we have up to 100 vendors now. We did not expect it to get that big. We are going to sandwich them in, but we know that they want to be there, and small vendors, locally owned businesses, and I will do all my shopping here. We want to keep those dollars in Arizona.

Ted Simons: As far as the third year of -- third year, correct?

Ken Clark: Yes.

Ted Simons: What have you learned from the first couple of years?

Ken Clark: We have learned that there is an increasing amount of interest in it every year. We are trying to grow it slowly and/or organically. My vision for it is that 20 years from now, people won't know, they will just assume it's always been here.

Ted Simons: That would be great. It's a central Phoenix tradition.

Ken Clark: Central Phoenix tradition, yes.

Ted Simons: So, we have the Phoestivus poll, correct? What is that.

Ken Clark: The largest Phoestivus poll as far as you know.

Ted Simons: And is it just -- what is if?

Ken Clark: It's just a poll.

Ken Clark: Have you watched the Seinfield thing?

Ted Simons: A lot of folks have, and a lot of folks understand that Phoestivus means feats of strength. How will those be defined?

Ken Clark: This year, there is a downtown business called core cross fit, and they are going to have some of their trainers do some feats of strength. The airing of grievances is going to be done by some ASU downtown students that are going to do a great job. We're going to air people's grievances. You can write them down, we'll put them in the air, and by the end of the event it will be this display of, I don't know, grievances.

Ted Simons: Of complaints.

Ted Simons: The thing about the show, what's so funny, the arear airing of grievances is family members stand up and tell the rest of the family why they are upset.

Ted Simons:: So how do you do that when it's a more public set something you look out to Phoenix and say, I have got a bone to pick with you?

Ken Clark:: Yeah. And we'll take -- it's all written up, very tasteful pieces of paper, and we'll hang them up.

Ted Simons: The Phoenix public market is closed. And that was kind of a loss for a lot of folks downtown. How has that impacted what you are trying to do now?

Ken Clark: The indoor market is, with its own business. The outdoor market is, is run by a, a nonprofit called community food connections, and that's what we're also doing here, supporting that nonprofit because we believe that the sixth largest city in the country needs downtown markets. And they do that market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, thus, why we do our, our Phoestivus on two successive Wednesdays so we want to plug into what they are doing. And make it easier on them, so the outdoor market has continued, and will continue, and the indoor market will hopefully in the next four months be new restaurant.

Ted Simons: And exactly where is the Phoestivus market?

Ken Clark: Right outside your door down here at downtown. It's at Pierce and, and central.

Ted Simons: Now, have you had any -- obviously, Phoestivus, when you think of that, you think of Seinfield, and it turns out that it's really one guy's dad came up with this years ago. Have you had any pushback from the Seinfield people? Lots of people are doing Phoestivus obvious but we wonder if they are not getting antsy.

Ken Clark: They have all these hits to their website. It's fun for them and good for everybody.

Ted Simons: And you spell yours differently.

Ken Clark: Ours is with a ph and theirs is with an f, so I don't see the problem.

Ted Simons: Last question, kind of, touched on this earlier, the state of downtown Phoenix, what are you seeing?

Ken Clark: I think that, you know, downtown Phoenix will continue with density, you have got the Cronkite school here, ASU downtown, and people want to be here. And I think that, that the Phoestivus market helps that, along with plane other things that go on here. All the time. And we did not mention the beer gardens.

Ted Simons: Oh, beer, too.

Ken Clark: The Phoenix ale brewery is hosting our beer garden, and they have come up with a special seasonal ale called Phoestivus ale. I tried it yesterday. It's amazing. Very good.

Ted Simons: That's good news, and happy Phoestivus to you. Good luck with it.

Ken Clark: Good.

Ted Simons: Good to have you here.

Ken Clark:Get Your Phx;

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