Phoenix Symphony celebrates 70th anniversary

The Phoenix Symphony kicks off its 70th anniversary this year with Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” a fan favorite that will allow the Symphony to showcase its full orchestra.

Phoenix Symphony’s Music Director Tito Muñoz says it makes a good opening piece, as it is “a crowd-pleaser [that] also challenges the audience at the same time.” “The Rite of Spring” is known for its unorthodox rhythm that has made it a challenge for orchestras to perform since it first came out more than a century ago.

The Phoenix Symphony plays the major hits of classical music, but Muñoz adds in some newer pieces as well, as he believes it’s important to promote new art. Phoenix Symphony CEO Jim Ward says that while some lament the death of classical music, he sees no signs of it going away anytime soon. Last season marked the highest attendance in the symphony’s history.

“In effect, the arts deliver a Super Bowl, year in and year out, to the city of Phoenix,” said Ward.

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Tito Muñoz, Phoenix Symphony’s Music Director
Jim Ward CEO, Phoenix Symphony

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