Former Mexican President Vicente Fox comes to Arizona to advocate for legalizing marijuana

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox came to Arizona with the Arizona Marijuana Trade Association to advocate for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

Giving his reasons for activism on behalf of the legalization, Fox said that people should be free to decide what goes into their bodies and what doesn’t. If it’s not hurting themselves or others, then it should be their choice to make. His second reason is to protect the people of Mexico, who he says are caught in between the producers of the drugs in South America and consumers in the United States.

“Thousands of kids have died in the streets because of the war on drugs, and this is not our war in Mexico,” Fox says. “We don’t produce drugs significantly. We don’t consume drugs. We just happen to be in the middle of those who produce the drugs in the south – Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela – and those who consume the drugs here in the United States.”

Mexico recently approved the use of medical marijuana throughout the whole country. Fox says the country is currently looking into the regulations that would go into legalizing it as a recreational drug. The former president says that people must be informed on how to consume in moderation.

The United States are the headquarters for crime, Fox says. Because the drug is illegal in many places, he says, it has caused the war on drugs. Fox suggests that if the money is taken away from the illegal industry, there will be less crime.

Fox is hosting the “CannaMexico World Summit” in Guanajuato, Mexico on May 30 and 31 to focus on the legal framework of marijuana.

President Donald Trump was also a topic of discussion during Fox’s visit to “Horizon.” Fox says that the two countries and their people have a great relationship, but the American president has caused everyone in Mexico to lose “the good image we had of this country.”

Since Trump didn’t win the popular vote, Fox says he is not a legitimate president in his eyes. Fox says Trump appeals to fear to get his followers.

“His attitude has brought him such a hate around the world, and we don’t understand what’s happening here,” Fox says. “We would like to see changes because uncertainty is a terrible thing in the global arena.”

When it comes to the border, Fox agrees that there should be order, safety and security in the area, but that it doesn’t come with the building of a wall. He says the idea of the wall is a “stupid” one, and “more stupid is thinking Mexico is going to pay for that wall.”

Vicente Fox: Former President of Mexico

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