Arizona representative provides insight to the mood of Capitol Hill

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Democrat Tom O’Halleran from Congressional District 1 says the mood in Capitol Hill right now is a little disruptive, but he encourages that politicians should allow investigators to do their job so everyone can learn the real facts.

“People don’t have a real sense of the direction right now,” O’Halleran says. “I think people were more concerned early on than they are now because of the makeup of the House.”

This is currently an election year, and O’Halleran says not much gets done when everyone becomes busy running their personal campaigns. The Arizona congressman believes his coworkers need to be putting more effort into getting things changed, because the year isn’t over yet.

Everyone is a little on edge as the Mueller investigation on Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election continues, but O’Halleran, a former investigator himself, suggests everyone should calm down until the facts are clear.

“People need to allow this investigation to move along,” O’Halleran says. “I mean this should be something that leaders should not try to stir up the pot, they should allow people to do their job and come together. It’s going to help unify the nation, not tear it apart.”

One of those leaders accused of stirring the pot is President Donald Trump. The president has claimed the investigation is a “witch hunt,” and has made accusations that the investigation isn’t necessary. O’Halleran says with that kind of language, the president must know something that the investigators do not.

Tom O’Halleran: (D) Congressional District 1

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