Studies show Hispanic girls are the highest group for suicide

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Studies have long-shown that Hispanic teenage girls attempt suicide at a higher rate than White and African American teen girls. An organization in Austin, Texas is addressing this issue by working to strengthen relationships between mothers and daughters and encouraging teenage girls to pursue higher education. Melanie Porter of Cronkite News looks into the studies.

The organization Con Mi MADRE started in 2008 as a product of the Junior League of Austin’s Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program. Currently, Con Mi MADRE provides education and support services for young Latinas and their mothers from 6th grade through post-secondary completion.

According to a recent study done by University of Texas dean of social work, Luis Zayas he found the better the girls relationship with her mother was the less likely she would attempt sucide.

Furthermore, the organization hosts many different events that are focused on strengthening the relationships between mothers and daughters. You can find out more about their efforts here.

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