A look at what ASU classes could look like in the fall

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With the school year just around the corner ASU president, Michael Crow has been quite busy. We spoke with him on ASU’s plans for classes to resume and the concerns over the future of higher education.

The university will be offering three different options for on-campus classes in the fall; ASU immersion, ASU Sync, and iCourses.

ASU immersion will be an on-campus experience that will use technology in the learning environment. This experience will provide students that do want to go back in person to do so.

ASU Sync will be synchronous technology-enhanced and fully interactive remote learning using live lectures via Zoom. This experience will be very similar to the spring semester were students joined together live.

iCourses will be delivered entirely online with lectures available on demand. This experience will give those not able to attend in person the opportunity still to take classes.

Crow says the university is ready for whatever comes there way. Going on he mentioned that the university is going to make learning as accessible as possible for students in any situation.

The university has received roughly 32 million dollars from the CARES Act which will help students continue to pursue an education. Crow says, unlike other universities they will use the money to help students complete their education whether it’s housing or tuition.

Furthermore, Crow concluded saying, “Americans always rise to the occasion in spite of the fact they seem pretty disorganized along the way.” Later going on to say, “The university will come out strong.”




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