Where are the monsoons and when are they coming?

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By now the monsoon season would be here already. But so far, most of the state has seen little in the way of dust storms and cloud-bursts. To find out what’s going on with the late-arriving monsoon, we spoke with ASU climatologist, Randy Cerveny.

Compared to last year the arrival should be about the same, but the state has seen later monsoon seasons in recent years. Cerveny says in order for a monsoon to happen heat and moisture must be apparent. As of now, heat has been quite apparent with temperatures in the upper 110’s, but moisture has not.

The late start of the monsoon season will not cause an earlier end according to Cerveny. When the state does see a start to the season dust storms can be expected. As the season does progress Cerveny says the state can expect wetter storms.

Cerveny is hopeful that the first monsoon could arrive as early as next week.

Randy Cerveny ASU Climatologist

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