Leaning on family during hard times

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We’re highlighting reports from ASU’s Carnegie Knight News21 program and its investigation into the juvenile justice system, including the story of Josh Cain. He was recently released from prison after 22 years and says his family was the primary reason for his return to society.

Josh’s time ended on June 24, and he went to go surprise his family. He discusses the importance of being raised with his family, especially, the connection he made with his brother. It was his connection with his brother that made him turn himself in for being an accomplice to his brother’s crimes. He was only 18 years old. He recalls the morning it all happened. Josh’s 14-year-old brother wakes him up and brings him outside. He shows him a brand new suburban and confesses that he killed the owner.

Thankfully, Josh’s transition has been smooth and he credits his family for being a great support system through it all. We see Josh adjust to life outside prison. He shows himself taking a walk in the forest, talks about the new technology he’s seen since his arrest, and being able to be with his family.

Josh highlights the fact that there are many people like him in the system, people who made a mistake. It’s people like this that learn and grow, and deserve a second chance.

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