What an anti-abortion bill means for some physicians

This week in our legislative update, we talked to Senate Minority Leader, Rebecca Rios about the ballot audit. We also discussed the anti-abortion bill that is sitting on the Governor’s desk.

She said the abortion bill makes it difficult for physicians. Rios explains that this would make it very difficult for them to practice or want to come to Arizona. It essentially makes it illegal for many to do their job.

She said the arguments are condescending and maternalistic. She said they assume that women don’t know what they are doing. Rios believes the Republicans are injecting government in the middle of a woman and her doctor. She said they hide behind a group and get sympathy. She said at the end of the day they are talking about a medical procedure that has “no place for government.”

She said it is very concerning because it is criminalizing the practice of medicine. These are the same people that do not want to be told they have to wear a mask, she said. We also talk about the Election Audit and Cyber-Ninjas. She said we do not know who has access to the ballots because the Cyber-Ninjas have not been very transparent with what they are doing. They even switched lawyers, she said, to buy more time.

She explains that this audit doesn’t make sense because Republicans are doing this to be transparent with the voting system, but the process in which the audit is happening is not transparent at all. She believes this is entirely a sideshow and a game.

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Sen. Rebecca Rios/(D) Arizona Senate Minority Leader

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