How to protect your life and property during wildfire season

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Aaron Casem, State Fire Prevention and Mitigation Officer, talked about how to prepare your finances and protect your home. He discusses taking inventory of your belongings, securing important documents for wildfire season.

Arizona has been dealing with extreme drought, and we are approaching the peak of wildfire season. This past year really didn’t have much of a monsoon season, he said. They are going to be busy, he explained.

We asked about homeowners as temperatures rise, especially those in rural areas. He explains some of those things that homeowners can do. He said some “preventative maintenance goes a long way.”

When the weather is still good in the morning, he said to do some work and clear out some of those dry things, like dead leaves and pine needles that can catch on fire. We talk about some of the other things you can do in your home to prevent it.

He explains things like mesh screening and what you should think about with that. Windows are the weakest part of your wall, he said. You should look at your windows and assess them as well. He said to look at the vegetation around the window.

We talked about locked boxes for your important information and valuables. He said to have a to-go bag and build a plan for the people or animals that live in the home. He said the more you can plan ahead the better. He said to not “wait for the fire to be in the air.” Just have things ready and try to make it the smoothest transition possible.

He said a lot of fires are caused by embers. It takes a while to ignite a door or frame. We asked him what concerns him. He said life and property. He wants the people to have the resources and things they need to protect them. He said they have a lot of programs and want to get the word out, but there is still more they can do.

Aaron Casem, State Fire Prevention and Mitigation Officer

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