Journalists’ Roundtable 07-09-21: Maricopa ballot recount, election investigation

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It is now time for today’s Journalists’ Roundtable, and for a conversation about the Maricopa ballot recount and the election investigation, we welcome Steve Goldstein from KJZZ, and Jim Small from the Arizona Mirror.

This week’s journalists’ roundtable covered:

  • Ballot Recount
  • Hobbs calls for Election Investigation
  • Fontes Announces Candidacy
  • Supreme Court Announcement

Ballot Recount

Steve Goldstein: “The whole thing is messed up in terms of this has never felt like an unbiased situation…It looks like a loaded situation and with this other recount we’re hearing about, are we actually going to end before August 2022 when the next primaries are?”

Jim Small : “The whole point from the beginning of all of those folks who have called for an audit is not to, you know, restore the integrity in the election or restore confidence, it is to prove that there was some kind of malfeasance.”

Hobbs calls for Election Investigation

Jim Small : “There’s a whole trail of voicemails and text messages from folks like Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelly Moor, and others who were literally asking to stop counting ballots in the days and weeks after the election.”

Supreme Court Announcement

Steve Goldstein: “The influence the governor has been able to have, since we saw the issue of expansion, you know, is like nothing we’ve ever seen before in history.”

Steve Goldstein, KJZZ, Host, "The Show”; Jim Small, Arizona Mirror

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