Arizona Congressman recently tweeted an altered anime video depicting violence on a New York Congresswoman

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Fallout continues over an altered anime video tweeted out by Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar. In the video, Gosar is shown killing New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and charging at President Biden with swords. We talked about the political and legal ramification of the video with First Amendment Attorney Dan Barr and Political Consultant Wes Gullett.

What are your thoughts on the video Gosar created?

Wes Gullett: “I find it repulsive. And you can’t talk about murder and when you say ‘oh it’s anime and if you don’t have any humor’…it’s not humorous. Murder is not humorous. Taking somebody’s life is not humorous. And I don’t care if it’s a video game…we have controls over video games, now we have to have controls over tweets. It’s ridiculous that our leaders would be doing this kind of stuff.”

Dan Barr: “I think we can all agree it’s emotionally disturbed, bizarro-fantasy, that was posted by the Congressman. But he has the 1st amendment right to do so. Federal law makes it a crime to threaten the life of the President of the United States but you have to do so in a will-full manner and knowingly manner…the U.S. Supreme Court held back a 1966 that’s political hyperbole and threatening to shoot Lyndon Johnson, was not a crime.”

Is it sarcasm or is it a threat?

Wes Gullett: “That’s part of the problem, it’s not whether it’s legal or illegal…it is bad taste but it’s also a part of the reason why we have so much dysfunction and animosity and partisan divide in our country that we’re down to making murder videos about our political opponents.”

Should there be an investigation?

Dan Barr: “I think Congressman Gosar’s tweet here was sickening and it shows a lack of emotional stability on his part but I don’t think he should be investigated.”

Dan Barr, First Amendment Attorney, Perkins Coie
Wes Gullett, CEO, OH Strategic Communications

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