Reginald Bolding offers his perspective on bills introduced in AZ legislature

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New laws are constantly being introduced and considered. We talk now with Arizona House Minority Leader Rep. Reginald Bolding for our legislative update.

Bolding said that the Republican majority of lawmakers “are finally listening to the community.”

He said, “there has been at least a verbal commitment for what needs to get done.”

He also said, “we need to raise the spending cap” and fund our schools.

“We have a 1980 arbitrary limit that puts funding cap on education. We don’t do that for anything else.”

He said we need to go back to voters to get rid of it.

He also discussed a bill that would establish a third party for oversight in investigation of police use-of-force.

He also talked about bills targeting the LGBTQ community.

“We’ve seen over a dozen bills aimed at attacking out LGBTQ kids.” He said we have to celebrate LGBTQ kids for who they are.

Reginald Bolding, Arizona House Minority Leader

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