A look at the current conditions of wildfires in Arizona from a Fire Management Officer

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Arizona saw an early start to the wildfire season this year, with the tunnel fire northeast of Flagstaff, the Crooks fire south of Prescott and the Locklin fire in and around Bisbee challenging fire-fighters already this spring. For an update on current conditions and a look at what to expect in the next few months, we welcome John Truett, State Fire Management Officer for the Department of Forestry and Fire Management.

What can you update us now on the big wildfires that we have had lately?

Truett: “Looking at the Tunnel Fire, just up in the Flagstaff area that is basically… in a contained status. A little over nine thousand acres burned there. On the Crooks Fire, we have downgraded that to a type 3 organization as well, so they are looking at a good percentage of containment on that fire as well. So they are looking really good there.”

There were a number of fires in Bisbee.

Truett: “They were right on the edge of town. Basically almost fire in peoples back yards. We have had over 19 fires there, and in Cochise County in a two week period. So again, there is some troubling statistics there. As far as the possibility of some criminal activity, but again it is an area where there is major concern because of the way that community sits in that box canyon. It could be a very challenging fire force if something starts in the right place down there.”

Are there restrictions now in Arizona, or are they coming?

Truett: “They did enact state restrictions. So campfires are now only to designated campsite areas. So there is no wood fires, so charcoal fire, outside of the designated areas due to the dryness of the vegetation out there now.”

John Truett, State Fire Management Officer for the Department of Forestry and Fire Management

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