Frida Kahlo immersive exhibit opens in Phoenix

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The “Frida Kahlo, an Immersive Biography” exhibit is opening in Phoenix, making this the only exhibition in the world about the late Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. Valentina Rodriguez is the Operations Manager for the exhibit and shared details about what the exhibit entails.

What is it?

The exhibit is a walk-through experience with seven rooms.

“You’re going to be part of the art, you’re going to be part of the exhibit, it’s very interactive.”

The exhibit features VR, a 360-degree room to view all the art and visuals as well as audio.


The goal of the exhibit is to take a look at Frida Kahlo’s life. Rodriguez said that it was important to show Kahlo’s experiences and the pain and feelings she went through in order to better understand her paintings.

“To understand Frida’s art, we need to first understand who she really is.”

Exhibit-goers can interact with much of the exhibit. Combining art and technology to help better understand Kahlo bring viewers into the experience.


The creators behind the exhibit are a Spanish group named “Ideál”, known for their award-winning VR. While working with The Frida Kahlo Corporation, the VR experience brings in Kahlo’s history and allows the user to experience “Frida’s world.”

“They have everything, they have all the pictures we need to and all the books.”


The exhibit took about 2-3 weeks to set up and had its American premiere today in Phoenix. The exhibition will be around until the end of August.


Rodriguez said that those who enter the exhibit do not need to know anything about Kahlo before going in. Throughout the experience, people will learn all about Kahlo from the beginning of her life to the end. All while learning about what went into creating her paintings.

“It’s a fun way to know about culture, about history, about art. It’s the way to be.”

Valentina Rodriguez, Operations Manager, "Frida Kahlo, an Immersive Biography"

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