What Proposition 132 will mean for Arizona

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Proposition 132 would require a super majority 60% for any ballot measure that would raise taxes. Here with us is Andrew Sugrue from the AZ Center for Economic Progress and Tim Dunn, district 13 representative, to debate what Proposition 132 will mean for Arizona.

Is this beneficial to Arizona?

“As you look at the size of our state and the increasing number of outside interest wanting to come in and manipulate and put money into initiatives for our tax payers and try to increase our taxes, I think this protects the pocketbook of the Arizona taxpayer,” Dunn explained, who is for the proposition.

“When the legislation refuses to listens to voters, Arizonans have voted directly to fund things like schools, healthcare, and early childhood programs; all of these with a simple majority,” Sugrue explained, who is against the proposition.

He further explained that the legislature want 41% of voters to be block funding for these programs. “Proposition 132 is nothing more than a dangerous power grab that ends majority rule here in Arizona,” Sugrue said.

Why does this apply to only tax issues?

“We figured this would be more align with what voters have already approved, overwhelmingly by 72%,” Dunn said. The original bill he created included all initiatives; however, a 1992 initiative was passed where voters wanted a 2/3 vote required to approve a tax increase.

“The super majority requirement by the legislator has been a failure. We have cut revenues which has resulted in massive budget cuts for things that Arizonans need to thrive,” Sugrue said.

Possible contradictions

“I was willing to put this on the ballot to make sure that we look at the will of the voters and see if they can concur what they have done in 1992,” Dunn explained about possible contradictions to the will of the voters.

Dunn was adamant that this new proposition aligns with what voters have wanted in the past, whereas Sugrue felt strongly that this initiative will block funding to other areas of interest.

Andrew Sugrue, AZ Center for Economic Progress; Tim Dunn, District 13 Representative

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