The Center and HighGround conducts AZ Voters Agenda Survey

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The Center and HighGround conducted a survey of AZ voters about their thoughts on the election, how they select candidates, what’s important to them, among other topics. Dr. Sybil Francis, Ph.D/President & CEO at Center for the Future of Arizona, will discuss these results.

The Arizona Voters Agenda’s goal is to center the voices of Arizonans in our elections and get equal representation of the diverse voices from voters. “We are not running for office, we are not political, so we have the ability and the desire to ask the straight forward questions so we can really get straight answers from Arizonans about what they care about most,” Francis said.

Candidates that are willing to compromise

One of the results discussed were the type of candidates Arizonans look forward to supporting. “We said, would you prefer candidates who stick to their guns and their ideology or would you prefer who have strong ideologies but are willing to negotiate and compromise to get things done,” Francis said. Out of all the people surveyed, 64% of them said they prefer candidates who are willing to compromise.

Are Arizona’s Elections fair?

Results show that 74% of the individuals who participated in this survey said that they believe Arizona’s elections to be fair and secure. “This was another fascinating result of the survey given all the narrative around political division and polarization and stolen elections and fraud,” Francis said. Voters also expressed to feel the same way about the upcoming elections in November.


75% of Arizonans who were surveyed showed concern for the possible lack of water the state could have in the future and truly believe this is an issue candidates should put more focus on. Another interesting result regarding this topic was the priority issues are for water Arizonans believe are. The results showed three main areas: Recreation and Conservation, Agriculture and Supporting Growth.

Dr. Sybil Francis, Ph.D/President & CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona

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