Journalists’ Roundtable: 11-18-22: Updates on Election Results

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the journalists’ roundtable. Joining us tonight for a look at the week’s top stories are Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic & and Bob Christie of the Associated Press.

This week’s topics include:

  • Election Update/Overview
  • Governor’s Race
  • Attorney General’s Race
  • Senate & Secretary of State Races
  • State Legislature
  • Congressional Races
  • Ballot Measures

Concerning the Election / Updates on Election Results

Jeremy Duda: “Just like the rest of the country, I think we saw some unexpected things. This is expected to be a pretty size-able Republican wave year. You have a Democrat in the White House, a pretty unpopular one at that. It was supposed to be Kari and the Republicans’ victory in a lot of races. Here in Arizona, despite its purple lean over the last few elections, it is still a prominently Republican state, but what we saw is a Democratic sweep for the top three races on the ballot, possibly top four– the attorney general is still undecided. I think a lot of folks expected Mark Kelly to beat Blake Masters, expected Adrian Fontes to beat Mark Finchem for Secretary of State. Obviously the big surprise was Katie Hobbs over Kari Lake.”

Bob Christie “Blake Masters lost in a considerably wider margin, as did Mr. Finchem, for Secretary of State against Adrian Fontes. But across the country, we’ve had even the election denying Republicans, the ones running for Secretary of State or governor, even if they lost in the fairly close elections, they have stood up and they have not done what Donald Trump did and denied that they lost. They actually came out graciously, conceded, called their opponent, and said ‘I lost fair and square.’ We have not seen that with Ms. Lake.”

Jeremy Duda, Axios Phoenix; Laurie Roberts, the Arizona Republic &; Bob Christie, Associated Press

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