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Roy Herrera, Principal of Herrera Arellano and Kirk Adams, GOP Consultant, will speak about election results. Herrera and Adams were here to analyze the results.

Close numbers

“We are going to continue to see that happen, as more ballot drops come in. I think the trends that we’re seeing are a lot of those Republicans candidates last night that looked that they were behind. We’re going to see a lot of them at the end of the day come out victorious,” said Adams.

“We have two types of ballots that seem to be outstanding at this point. It’s election day drop-offs, so these are early voters that are dropping off their ballots on election day, then early ballots that are late. They arrived on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday of last week, and they are now being counted,” said Herrera.

“One of the big things that we learned from this election is there really hasn’t been a complete sorting in political behavior between the two parties as far as how they vote. The Democrats, historically, have voted heavily on Election Day. We’ve seen that flip since the 2020 election where they are primarily early voters. Republicans have been the opposite where they are primarily early voters and they are now election day voters,” explained Herrera.

A big question that still looms over the results is, “On those election day drop-offs, are they more likely early voters or are they more likely election day voters?” said Herrera.

Numbers skewing Republican?

“That’s what the numbers tell us right now, and in those very close races that could make obviously a big difference, especially on the state wide races. As you get down to the legislator races, it’s sometimes more difficult to tell how there many ballots will affect those races,” said Adams.

“The numbers have been breaking pretty heavily towards the Republican candidates the more these ballots get counted,” said Adams.

Roy Herrera, Principal; Herrera Arellano, Democrat; Kirk Adams, GOP Consultant

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