AAWL shelter rebrands, hopes to help underserved communities

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Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) is rebranding itself. In the process, our state’s longest and largest no-kill shelter hopes to emphasize inclusivity and increasing access to pet health resources.

Arizona Horizon spoke with President and CEO of AAWL, Alessandra Navidad. She brought along two frisky kittens from the shelter, Frodo and Pippin.

AAWL said its new logo symbolizes feelings of warmth, love and stability. It centers around the outline of a cat and dog who look toward the name representing the people who care for them not only on a temporary basis but for their entire lives. This highlights the commitment AAWL makes to each animal that comes through the shelter: “You have a home here no matter what.”

The year on the new logo depicts AAWL’s history in Arizona, while the modern design represents the future ahead.

As part of the organization’s new five-year strategic plan, AAWL is striving to become more inclusive and welcoming by better-serving pet owners from underserved communities. AAWL will continue to help keep animals with their pet families and out of the shelter system altogether. The organization hopes to see the day that no pet owner ever has to make the difficult decision to surrender an animal because they can’t afford vet care or behavior support.

In 2021 alone, 36,526 cats and dogs entered shelters in Maricopa County. Additionally, animal welfare organizations across the Valley are struggling with higher intakes because of issues like housing instability or lack of veterinary and behavioral care.

For more information, visit aawl.org.

Alessandra Navidad, President and CEO of Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL)

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