Journalists roundtable: Lake loses in court, Governor’s Chief of Staff resigns and more

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It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Journalists roundtable. Joining us this week for a look at this week’s top stories are Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic and and Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services.

This week’s topics are:

  • Another court loss for Kari Lake
  • Taylor Robson not running for Senate
  • Governor’s Chief of Staff resigns
  • Private school all day kindergarten funds
  • Borelli declares ban on election equipment
  • Lawmakers host COVID event

Is this the end of the court case for Kari Lake?

Laurie Roberts: “No, this is not the end, she said in her press conference a day after her latest loss that she’s prepared to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court with this thing. She has to continue, it’s a great way to raise money and to keep your name out there. If you’re running for the Senate, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be visible. This was brought back from the Arizona Supreme Court and the judge was asked to take another look at it because he threw it out the first time with the wrong analysis.

Kari Lake was given a 3 day trial to prove based on the claim that her own attorney’s brought was that Maricopa County verified no signatures of voters on early ballot affidavits, according to Roberts.

Howie Fischer: “The expert that she brought in said that I’ve analyzed the numbers. We found 274,000 signatures that we believe were verified under 3 seconds and 70,000 under 2 seconds based on his analysis of the clicks. The judge said two things: you still haven’t proven anything and there is nothing in the law, or the election procedure manual that says how long you have to take. It’s a question of doing it to the satisfaction of the county recorder.”

Jeremy Duda, Axios Phoenix; Laurie Roberts, The Arizona Republic and; Howie Fischer, Capitol Media Services

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