Journalists’ Roundtable: Mitchell to ignore Governor’s executive order

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It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another edition of the Journalists’ Roundtable. Joining us for a look at the week’s top stories: Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic and and Camryn Sanchez of Arizona Capitol Times.

Top stories this week included:

  • Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell to ignore Governor’s executive order
  • Attorney General Kris Mayes investigates fake electors
  • Arizona College Republicans event
  • Kari Lake appeal moved to Tucson
  • Kate Brophy McGee runs for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Mitchell to ignore executive order

Jeremy Duda: “She’s urged Governor Hobbs to rescind this. There’s been talk of possible lawsuits. Nobody has sued yet which suggests to me that maybe no one sees either success in a lawsuit or grounds for a lawsuit. I think what we would probably have to see is some sort of actual case, some sort of prosecution, where there’s a dispute. Rachel Mitchell is clearly looking ahead at what will happen if that is the case.”

Laurie Roberts: “She hasn’t had any police agency refer to her a case involving prosecution of abortion laws. I would assume that if the right case came along that she would pursue it, and that is the point at which this thing would end up in court for a judge to decide. That’s probably also the right time for it to go to court. I don’t think that judges in general like to make decisions on hypothetical cases.”

Both Governor Hobbs and Rachel Mitchell are “digging their heels in” according to Sanchez, because Hobbs does not want to rescind and Mitchell and many other county attorneys say that an executive order does not trump the law.

Jeremy Duda, Axios Phoenix; Laurie Roberts, The Arizona Republic and; Camryn Sanchez of Arizona Capitol Times

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