Arizona Cactus League kicks off spring training

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This week, the 2024 Cactus League will officially kick off its spring training.

The league hosts 15 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams across 10 ballparks in Maricopa County. Last year, the league generated an estimated $418.5 million for Arizona’s GDP and had an output of over $710 million in statewide economic impact.

Hundreds of thousands of fans annually flock from all over the world to watch the games, and the Cactus League is expecting an even higher turnout this year after the Diamondback’s successful 2023 season.

Bridget Binsbacher, the Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association’s Executive Director, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss what to expect for this highly anticipated season.

According to Binsbacher, the 2023 economic impact study showed the average attendance to be 1.6 million, and six out of ten fans are out-of-state visitors.

“What makes the Cactus League so special (is) we’re a mega event, $710 million total direct impact, $418 (million) GDP; that is a mega event; no doubt about it,” said Binsbacher. “We’ve become an industry all our own.”

The Cactus League is said to bring visitors to multiple Arizona landmarks.

This year, MLB will launch a series of breakout games to provide fans and scouts a look at potential baseball players.

Bridget Binsbacher, Executive Director, Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association

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