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Advocates for Latino Arts and Culture Consortium Inc. are starting efforts to raise money to operate a Phoenix cultural center to preserve Latino contributions to art.
Erlinda Torres, President of the consortium talks to HORIZONTE about the need for a center in the valley.

Erlinda Torres:Latino Arts and Culture Consortium Inc.;

Ed Kabotie
aired Dec. 2

Ed Kabotie

James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph), Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton), Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse). Top Line: Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West), Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley)
aired Dec. 4

All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece

Josh Groban on stage with crowd.
aired Nov. 25

Great Performances “Josh Groban’s Great Big Radio City Show”

AJ Odneal performs on ukelele on Playlist 48
aired Nov. 18

Singer/Songwriter AJ Odneal

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