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The Arizona Super Bowl committee is getting the Hispanic community involved and excited about the big game. David Farca, board member with the Arizona Super Bowl host committee talks about outreach efforts.

José Cárdenas: In addition to monthly support groups and workshops, parents of murdered children offer guidance for families navigating the criminal justice system. You can learn about the group at Arizona is less than three weeks away from hosting the Super Bowl. The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is also extending efforts to get the Hispanic community involved and excited about the big game. With me to talk about the specifics of what is being done is David Farca from the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee. And David, I should mention that I serve with you on that committee. There is a lot that's being done with the Hispanic community in the United States and particularly in Arizona but before we get to that, there's also some significant outreach to the country of Mexico. Talk about that.

David Farca: Yeah, it comes from the vision of our chairman who had the vision to include our number one trading partner to the big party, and really showcase what Arizona's all about on an everyday basis and showcase that strong partnership and strong relationship we have with Mexico.

José Cárdenas: So what kind of presence is Mexico going to have in the Super Bowl in Arizona?

David Farca: It's pretty significant. It came after the efforts that we did to go down to different cities in Mexico throughout the last couple of years and really pitch in the community that for the first time in Super Bowl history presented and that translated into having a full street of our fan fest experience which we call Verizon Super Bowl central dedicated specifically to Mexico as a country, to showcase tourism and business in Mexico.

José Cárdenas: So they've got a full block in what is the biggest Super Bowl central type area in Super Bowl history, 12 blocks as compared to a couple of blocks in New York City, for example?

David Farca: Correct. We are denominating that Verizon Super Bowl central, and it's 12 blocks of downtown Phoenix that are going to be closed to traffic, just a walking experience, different activities. In other Super Bowls it was one street called Super Bowl boulevard. But for us, it's 12 blocks all around downtown Phoenix.

José Cárdenas: A lot of activities, we want to talk about some of the things that are specifically targeting the Hispanic community but this has been going on, this outreach effort now for several months. We've got some pictures of some of the graphics that have been used in tweets to send a message to the Hispanic community in connection with some of the most significant holidays that this Hispanic community observes, a couple from day of the dead, dia de los muertos and a couple we'll be putting on the screen, with the recently celebrated three kings. Here's the traditional cake with the football there. I think we've got another one, an ornament. That would be from day of the dead back in November and a couple more that really show the outreach effort by the committee to the Hispanic community. What kind of results are you having?

David Farca: We've been having tremendous results. We wanted this Super Bowl to be inclusive. The Hispanic community in Arizona is over a third of our population. And it definitely has to be part of our festivities. Because of that, we've made this type of outreach in our social media, all of our Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, web pages are all in English and Spanish, which is also a Super Bowl first, to make our community feel inclusive within all those festivities and we are going to have a particular Hispanic day within Verizon Super Bowl central. And with acts that are free to the public, that are going to be performing that day, specifically targeted to our community.

José Cárdenas: And that is Thursday of Super Bowl week, right?

David Farca: Correct.

José Cárdenas: And can you give us a sense just of the caliber of the acts? These are big names that you're going to have.

David Farca: It's international talent of first-class talent, which we'll be announcing in the next couple of days but it's all family-oriented. We're encouraging everybody to come down with their families and enjoy all the different activations from different vendors and suppliers that we're going to have in downtown Phoenix.

José Cárdenas: And that includes the NFL experience. Explain that, what's that all about?

David Farca: Really downtown Phoenix is going to become the hub of Super Bowl, not only do we have Super Bowl central but we're going to have the media center at the convention center. We're going to have the NFL experience where people and their kids will be able to enjoy what it takes to play in the NFL. Meet some players, NFL players, get some autographs, get their pictures taken with the vince Lombardi trophy, do some drills. A lot of fun for the family.

José Cárdenas: And it's happened a few times before but it's pretty unusual to have the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl in the same play.

David Farca: Normally, it's played in Hawaii. This is only the third time in Super Bowl history where it's going to be played in the same city. It's the Sunday before the Super Bowl, which is going to kick off all of our festivities and we're really lucky to have the Pro Bowl, and it's a great opportunity for people to go and watch a game while it's here in town and it doesn't necessarily have to be the big game.

José Cárdenas: I know from some of the discussion we've had off-camera, a lot of hits on the website and Twitter responses so congratulations to you and the committee and looking forward to a great and successful Super Bowl. Thanks for joining us.

David Farca: Thank you very much.

José Cárdenas: And that's our show for tonight. From all of us here at Eight and "Horizonte" thank you for watching. I'm Jose Cardenas. Have a good evening.

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David Farca:Board Member, Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee;

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