Hispanic grandparents can have on influence on their household’s health

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Grandparents in Hispanic households can play a huge role in helping to prepare kids for a return to school. Horizonte’s Jose Cardenas spoke with Dr. Rajesh Bhakta, an Associate Medical Director at 4-C Medical Group, about the relationship between Hispanic grandparents and their grandchildren at this time of year. 

Bhakta mentions that Hispanic grandparents play a role in influencing the younger generation. He said that if they eat salads and walk every day, it can influence the younger generation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bhakta works within Sun City, Arizona and he said that a lot of his Hispanic patients come with their families including their grandchildren.

A big component in this is that Hispanic grandchildren are seeing their grandparents attend doctor visits and it influences and hopefully sets the standard for these children to always keep up with doctor visits and pay attention to their health.

He said that this could help in the prevention of things like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues that are happening in society right now.

Bhakta explained that it’s important for the younger generation to have trust in their doctors and not necessarily rely on their friends for health guidance, “if we catch things early, we can prevent them and set a standard.”

What about the meals grandparents love to make?

Sometimes traditional latino cuisine may not always be the healthiest but Bhakta said we can make it healthy. He feels, “latino food is so delicious and with the current culinary trends, we can make it delicious with little vegetables and put some olive oil. I think we’re seeing that trend moving forward here in Phoenix.”

And one thing Bhakta really encourages to his elderly patients is to get vaccinates. He said the vaccine could reduce symptoms and help reduce the risk of hospitalization. He hopes that grandparents will relay this message to their families and influence everyone to get vaccinated.

Dr. Rajesh Bhakta, Associate Medical Director, 4C Medical Group

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